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Swarovski Many Crystal Effects

Crystal effects are coatings or surface finishes that are applied to the glass/crystals to enhance their appearance. These coatings are alternatively referred to as Stone Effects or Finishes. Most of the names of these crystal finishes follow the Swarovski naming.

Common mis-spelliings:
swarovsky, swrovski, sworski,sworowski, swavoski, swavorski, swarvski, swarowsky, swarovsk, swarovki, swarov, swarosky, swaroski, swarofsky, swarofski

Crystal effects are most commonly applied to crystals, especially the Swarovski crystals, but they can and are also applied to stones, glass pearls, glass beads, and even plasitc & acrylic beads.

Coatings are normally applied to only half of a bead. Whenever the coating is applied to both sides of a bead, it has the suffix 2X; e.g. CAB 2X.

Crystal effects & finishes add beauty & character to the crystals and sometimes can enhance them dramatically.

"P" Protective Layer

In September 2010, Swarovski introduced the protective layer "P" for effects Crystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Tabac.

In February 2012, Swarovski has extended this "P" layer to include Crystal Comet Argent Light and Crystal Vitrail Medium.

Swarovski Protective Layer for Effects

This "P" layer applies only to Pendants and Beads at this time of writing (Feb 2012). This protective layer is a special lacquer system that is applied over the effect. It protects the effects from scratches, fingerprints, and prevents moisture (e.g. sweat) that could lead to corrosion penetrating into the effect layer.

Swarovski Ordinary & Special Effects

Swarovski separates their coatings into what they call "Ordinary" and "Special Effects". However some of the "Ordinary" coatings are among the most beautiful and sought after of all the various effects.

Ordinary Crystal Effects

Clear crystals are normally referred to as Crystal, and if it has a coating applied then it will be called Crystal + Coating-Name. E.g when you have a clear crystal with AB coating, that will be called Crystal AB; if the clear cystal has a Bermuda Blue coating, then it will be referred to as Crystal Bermuda Blue; etc.

In fact it is not uncommon to have the name truncated to the name of the coating only. E.g. AB or Bermuda Blue. This is true whenever the base crystal is clear.
Aureole Borealis
Aureall Borealis effect

(also sometimes spelt as Aurora Boreale or Aurore Boreale)
This crystal effect is most commonly referred to as AB finish. When applied on clear crystal, the resultant crystal is referred to as Crystal AB or CAB for short.

Aurora Boreale effect is one of the most well-known, sought after, shimmering effects. It is an iridescent coating applied to stone, glass, crystals. It gives a terrific rainbow effect which can be subtle to very obvious. It has a very light rainbow effect that leans toward a pale yellow tone, but shimmers in pink and blue as well. When applied on a color bead, it changes the color just slightly and gives it a rainbow effect. On Jet it makes a strong rainbow effect.

Comet Argent Light (aka CAL)
Comet Argent Light effect

This crystal effect has a bright silvery finish.

When applied to the whole crystal (i.e. 2X), the crystal effects will make the crystal look like a silver bead that does not tarnish.
When applied to half of a bead, it looks very interesting, with half the bead looking like silver and the rest taking the color of the crystal itself.

Golden Shadow
Golden Shadow finish

The Golden Shadow is like a delicious splash of rich champagne. It gives the crystal a old-world vintage light golden coppery look.

Satin/Hematite finish

The Satin finish gives an extra sheen to the underlying beads.

It is generally called Hematite finish when applied to Jet/black beads because it causes the beads to look like hematite. Hematite 2X is quite frequently found on coloured beads.

Silver Shade
Satin/Hematite finish

The Silver Shade finish is a silvery coating applied to the base crystal.
It gives the crystal a subtle hint of vintage silver as well as endorsing the crystal with super shine.

Special Crystal Effects

Aurum finish

This finish is made from real gold - hence it is more expensive than other finishes. It looks like gold and is most often used on plain clear crystal throughout (i.e. Crystal Aurum 2X).

Bermuda Blue
Bermuda Blue finish

This is also non-transparent coating.
When seen through clear crystal, it takes on a deep blue tone.
When seen directly on the surface of the finish it is a dark navy blue.
This finish is not normally used on colored crystal though it can be.

Dorado finishThis is a non-transparent finish with a bronze appearance.
Glacial Blue
Glacial Blue coating

This crystal effects produces a cobalt blue appearance. It can be applied to a colored bead.
A common use is Jet Glacier Blue (i.e. Glacier Blue finish on a Jet crystal).

Heliotrope finish

Heliotrope finish has a deep purple - deep green appearance when seen through the crystal.
However its outer surface can seem dull grayish brown.

Meridian Blue
Meridian Blue finish

This coating is silvery on the outside with overtones of baby blue. Looking through the bead, it shines as a light blue with green overtone. Quite a magnificent finish.

Sahara finish

Sahara effect gives a golden blonde shiny finish. Attractive both on the surface and whilst looking through the crystal.

Tabac crystal finish

A dark copper/gold finish that has a subdued but sophisticated tone when seen through the crystal. It is named Tabac after tobacco.

Transmission finish

Transmission is a transparent finish. It similar to AB, but it shines mostly pink when seen through the crystal.

Vitrail Medium and Vitrail Light
Vitrail Medium and Vitrail Light coating

These non-transparent coatings are Ultra-shinny and it will produce different colors depending on how & where the light hits the surface. When the coating is seen through clear crystal, it takes on strong red and green tones. These finishes are not normally used on colored crystal though it sometimes is.

Vitrail Light is just lighter in tone.

Volcano finish

An extremely striking finish. Hard to tell from photos but it is silvery on the outside. However when seen through the crystal, it takes strong purple and red tones (like a volcano). Normally though not necessariy, it is used on clear crystal.

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Codes for Swarovski Crystal Effects

The incredible Swarovski crystal effects and finishes are produced using a vacuum metal coating process. It is applied on the surface of the crystal, either in the front (top) or on the reverse (bottom) sides. Depending on the application methods employed, these processes can either produce a surface effect, a translucent effect, and/or special surface effects. This vacuum coating process can be applied to clear or colour crystals.

The charts below show the Effect-Codes as used by Swarovski. They can be very helpful when making your purchases from an authorized Swarovski outlet.

(Vacuum coating on surface)
(Vacuum coating on reverse side. The resultant effect shines through the crystal.)
image Effect Code effect name   image Effect Code effect name
Swarovski Surface Effect AB Aurore Boreale   Swarovski Translucent Effect BBL Bermuda Blue
CAL Comet Argent Light   HEL Heliotrope
COP Copper   MBL Meridian Blue
DOR Dorado   SAG Sage
GSHA Golden Shadow   SAH Sahara
HEM Hematite   TAB Tabac
METBL Metallic Blue   VL Vitrail Light
METSI Metallic Silver   VM Vitrail Medium
MOL Moonlight   VOL Volcano
NUT Nut (only on Jet)      
SAT Satin      
SSHA Silver Shade      
TRA Transmission      


Variations on Surface Effects (suffix code)
image Effect Code Suffix explanation
Swarovski Surface Effect V The effect is applied on the reverse.
If a surface effect is normally applied on the front, then this indicates it is applied on the back (e.g. ABV = AB is applied on the back).
Similarly, if a surface effect is normally on the back, then this suffix indicates it has been applied on the front (e.g. VMV=VM being applied on the front).
Swarovski Part Effect Z The effect is applied to only part of the crystal (e.g. HELZ means that Heliotrope effect was only applied to part of the crystal stone).
Swarovski 3 Side Effect B Effect has been applied on 3 sides of a cube shape (e.g. ABB)
Swarovski Full Effect 2x Effect applied to both sides of stone (e.g. Aurore Boreale 2x aka AB2)


Special Surface Effects
image Effect Code effect name explanation
Swarovski Matt Finish Effect MAT Matt Finish Matt Finish effect results from a chemical matting process to entire surface of crystal. Small variations may occur.
Swarovski Frosted Effect FRO Frosted The Frosted effect can be done via mechanical process but only on Flat Back Roses.
Swarovski Cosmojet Effect COS Cosmojet Cosmojet effect can achieve blackening of single facets of the crystal.

Do All the Effects Apply to All The Crystals?

In its catalogues, Swarovski classifies its crystal effects and finishes as Ordinary Effects or Special Effects. Currently, Special Effects are only available on (clear) crystals.
Some of the Ordinary Effects are applied only to clear crystals, some to both clear and colour crystals.
The effects are available as partially applied (Half Coating) or fully applied (Full Coating).
This listing will give you a detailed general idea of whether a specific effect is available for a (clear) crystal and/or color crystal.

General Swarovski Price Variations

General Rule of Thumb: Prices vary in ascending amount for the same base article. Full Coatings are always more expensive than Half Coatings.

"Crystal" below means the Clearly Crystal (001)

  1. Crystal
  2. Colours
  3. Crystal with Ordinary Effects
  4. Crystal with Special Effects
  5. Colours with Ordinary Effects
  6. Crystal with Full Ordinary
  7. Colours with Full Ordinary
Ordinary Effects Crystal Colours Full Ordinary Effects Crystal Colours
Aurore Boreale (AB) Y Y Aurore Boreale 2x (AB2) Y Y
Aurore Boreale B (ABB) Y   Aurore Boreale B 2x (ABB2) Y  
Aurore Boreale V (ABV) Y   Aurore Boreale Comet Argent Light V (AB CALV) Y Y
Aurore Boreale Z (ABZ) Y   Aurore Boreale Comet Argent Light VZ (AB CALVZ)    
Comet Argent Light (CAL) Y Y Comet Argent Light 2x (CAL2) Y  
Comet Argent Light V (CALV) Y Y Copper CAL V SI Y  
Comet Argent Light VZ (CALVZ) Y Y Dorado 2x (DOR2) Y  
Copper (COP) Y   Frosted AB (FRO AB) Y  
Copper B (COPB) Y   Golden Shadow CAL V SI Y  
Cosmojet (COS) Y Y Golden Shadow CAL VZ Y  
Creampearl   Y Hematite 2x (HEM2)   Y
Dorado (DOR) Y   Metallic Blue 2x (METBL2) Y  
Frosted (FRO) Y Y Nut 2x (NUT2) (only on Jet)   Y
Golden Shadow (GSHA) Y        
Golden Shadow B (GSHAB) Y        
Golden Shadow V (GSHAV) Y        
Hematite (HEM)   Y      
Matt Finish (MAT) Y        
Meridian Blue (MBL) Y        
Metallic Blue (METBL) Y        
Metallic Silver (METSI) Y Y      
Moonlight (MOL) Y        
Moonlight B (MOLB) Y        
Nacre   Y      
Nut (NUT) (only on Jet)   Y      
Sage (SAG) Y        
Sahara (SAH) Y Y      
Satin (SAT) Y        
Silver Shade (SSHA) Y        
Silver Shade B (SSHAB) Y        
Silver Shade V (SSHAV) Y        
Tabac (TAB) Y        
Transmission (TRA) Y        
Transmission V (TRAV) Y        
Volcano (VOL)          
Special Effects Crystal Colours Full Ordinary Effects Crystal Colours
Bermuda Blue (BBL) Y        
Bermuda Blue Z (BBLZ) Y        
Heliotrope (HEL) Y        
Heliotrope (HELZ) Y        
Vitrail Light (VL) Y        
Vitrail LIght Z (VLZ) Y        
Vitrail Medium (VM) Y        
Vitrail Medium B (VMB) Y        
Vitrail Medium Z (VMZ) Y        
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