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ClearlyHelena: Frequently Asked Questions

General Payment
Shipping & Handling


Q. Do you have a minimum order requirement?
No, we do not have a minimum order requirement. You can buy any amount you want.

Q. What kinds of guarantee/refund do you offer?
We offer you 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with any of your purchases. You just need to write in to us to let us know. In fact, you are invited to write in to us if you have any issues at all, or if you just feel like patting us on the back. We always appreciate a pat and we promise to work very hard to be deserving of any pats you wish to bestow on us.

Q. Do you ever refuse service to anyone?
Yes indeed we do. Just like buyers have the right to choose who they shop with, we reserve the right to refuse service as well. It happens rarely but some of the reasons why we would refuse service are:

  • unwarranted and excessive abusive language from a buyer
  • buyers who have proved themselves to be unreasonable, unpleasant, rude, and/or non-payers
  • buyers who we really do not enjoy dealing with

We are in this business not primarily to make money but more so because we love what we do and we enjoy it.  So if we feel that we no longer enjoy what we do because of an individual for any or all of the above reasons, we would rather lose that business than stop enjoying what we do.

Q. Do you ever void/delete any orders?
Yes we do.

Any order that has not been paid within 10 days (and we have not heard from the buyer) are automatically purged from the system and the order cancelled.  The items are then restocked (made available to other buyers again).  We feel that this is only fair otherwise the items that are ordered are taken off our system and hence is not available to other buyers who may be looking for them.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but we have had open orders that are never paid for - which is a cost to us and unfair to our other customers.


Q. What kinds of payment methods do you accept?
  • Bank Deposit - this is only for Australian residents.Bank deposits can be made directly into our account (see below).Our account details are also in the order-confirmation email that the system automatically sends out to you.
  • Credit Cards - We provide secure credit card gateway facility. Your financial information is not collected nor stored in anyway by us.

Q. What are you bank account details so I can make payment?
Our (Australian) banking details are:
Payable to: Helena Lim
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 732096
Account Number: 707345

Our account details are also included in the order-confirmation email that the system automatically sends out to you. You do not have to write in to us to request for our bank details.


Shipping & Handling

Q. How are your S&H rates calculated?
You do not need to write in to ask us the S&H cost. No matter which country you are from, as you checkout (but before you commit or pay), the combined S&H cost will be displayed to you. The system will automatically calculate your appropriate Shipping & Handling rates, based on the total weight of your order (including estimated needed packaging) and on your destination country.

When you go to checkout, you will be able to see your relevant Shipping & Handling rates. At that point, you can still cancel your order if you wish. To find out the S&H rates for your items, click to checkout.

There are a number of steps to checkout as the system confirms your shipping address and calculates the S&H based on the items you have in this shopping cart. You have not ordered anything till you reach the final step where you Confirm your order. This means that the items in your shopping cart has not been assigned to you and anyone else who is on the system can still buy those items at that time.

Once you confirm your order, your items are taken out of the system and will be assigned to your specific order. Before you finalize / Confirm your order, you will see the S&H rates (step 2 or 3). If you disagree with it, you can empty or vary your shopping cart at any time.

Q. Do you offer insurance?
Yes. Various shipping options are available to you at the time of checkout. If there is any confusion, you are most welcome to drop me a line indicating you want insurance on your shipment, etc.

Q. Do you combine invoices (S&H) across your various website/outlets?
No, sorry we do not. Each of our outlets are separate enterprises, running on a variety of platforms and systems that are not interlinked. Furthermore, goods from each store may be warehoused and dispatched from different locations entirely.

Q. How long does it take for my order to be delivered?
That depends on your destination country/location.

We cannot quicken the postal system (much as we would like to) but we do guarantee that barring exceptional circumstances, all paid (& cleared) orders are processed and dispatched within a 3-business day timeframe. Usually, we process and despatch on the same day so that, as much as we can help it, we ensure that we have done our best to enable you to get your orders as quickly as possible.

We suggest you check at the official Australia Post site for information on delivery time frames.

For International (non-Australian) buyers, you can go to Australia Post\'s International Post Guide. (all orders are sent via AirMail)

For Australian residents, you can go to Australia Post\'s Parcel Delivery.
(Unless otherwise specially requested, all orders within Australia are dispatched via ordinary mail or registered mail. All orders are posted from Sydney, Australia).

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